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You will find in this web page informations about Paris, roller skates, photography, computing and also links to sites that I like.


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A journey through Paris a route intended for those who want to discover Paris by roller skate. It shows you many nice places.

Outside Paris Some places I liked outside Paris.

Paris Halloween Around twenty pictures taken during the Halloween night route, in october 1997.


Public transports Two maps of Paris' subways (Metro and RER).

Photos of Paris Some photographic quality pictures of Paris (Eiffel tower, Palais Royal, the Louvre...).

Underground carry of Paris

Pictures of a journey in the carry. A group of pictures that I took in the underground carry of stones of Paris the 1980es, assembled to recreate an imaginary and didactic journey. Some are talking about Catacombs (in french).

About carry. Extracts of books about the underground carry of stones of Paris (in french).

Autres photographies. Other pictures, recent and colour.


Pinky: picture book of a french BBS "Pinky" is the name of a french Minitel server, now closed, which operated from 1986 to 1992. Feel the atmosphere of the 80's french networks with around hundred screen copies ! (in French)

Digital Video: the DV format A small article specifying the technical aspects of the DV format, comparing it to its professional versions and other professional formats (in French).

Tune your monitor ! Some test pictures to correctly adjust your monitor (in french).

Mac: tidbits A chart grouping the Mac, DOS and Windows ASCII tables, some tricks about playing Quicktime files, and a table with the finder's Mac OS/8 shortcuts (in French).


Family life Some pictures of our little family...

Details about the making of our greetings cards :
  • 2002 Doisneau way,
  • 2001 tribute to Kubrick,
  • 2000 Eiffel tower,
  • 1999 my Pantheon.

Yeahhh Baby ! A Sony advertisement parody in the Austin Powers way !

Avengers 1998 "Their 50th birthday, 23rd October, 1998". A personnal contribution to the Avengers TV-series.

Other photos Some photographic quality pictures taken on holidays (Provence in France, New-York, Egypt).


Links to site that I like



Family, friends

Jean-Marie Troude, photographe-concepteur publicitaire History of his work as french advertising photographer (many decades of avertising campaings from 1970 to today), work in progress, projects, personnals pictures. It's also my Daddy's site :-)

David Mimran : Arth A rich site of poetry (french and english).

Florian Schreck Original technique of tridimentionnal imagery, magnetic levitation, atomic physic research.

Christophe Andréani Many sites one of which is a WebCam about Eiffel Tower.

Pierre Bretagnolle: conometre Presentation (and nice pictures) of the famous second generation computer... (in French).


Le Monde The french newspaper. A selection of the best articles (Html) and the daily cover (PDF) are readable for free on Internet.

CyberSnare A wonderfull article about computers and monopolistic way of life of Micro$oft, by Roberto Di Cosmo. Easy to read for non computer users. I advise you to read it ! This article is available in Italian, French and Spanish.

Graffiti High-Tech Some Pentiums chips contains really curious messages against Micro$oft...

Digital Photography Review Not only this site provides the best benchmarks of digital cameras but it is also maintained by only one person, Phil Askey, that write and do all the tests. On my point of view, this site is the best example of what Internet bring to the world.

MAME Project: the arcade museum Since January 1997, a handful of programmers from all countries uniting their competencies in a non profit project: creating an old arcade game emulator. On 10th March 2000 "it has extented to support the emulation of over 1500 arcade titles created in the 80's. MAME, it's a bit like a museum in your computer. The authors of MAME are contributing to the safeguard of the international video game heritage: classics such as Space Invader, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong - almost impossible to find today - are now safeguarded in the MAME museum, of which you can become the attendant for around 100 MB of disk space... MAME is free and the source code too. It exist in Mac version and PC version.

Emulation.net You will find there many nice computers and video games emulators. Macintosh site.

Cat-Scan. Got a cat ? A scanner ? Join the hilarious - and inoffensive - Cat-Scan contest !

Pari-Roller. The official site of the Friday Night Fever's skate along the streets of Paris, the biggest one in the world: we were almost 30 000 skaters on an evening of summer 1999 !


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